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Friday, April 29, 2011

Proof That Twitter Does Not Work For Marketing

Mark Herrmann writes the Inside Straight column at the Above The Law blog. He posed this question: "As measured by my readership numbers, do more tweets yield more page views?" His conclusion: No.

In his column he ran three articles as samples. Each article generated more than 12,000 page views via the blog. He then tweeted about each article. The results:

Three people tweeted about the first article. Zero people tweeted about the second article. Twelve people tweeted about the third article.

His conclusion: twitter is not driving traffic his way. Please click here to view Mark's original article.

Now of course the twitterati will say statistics mean nothing, traffic means nothing. That twitter must considered but one component of your overall social networking model. Yea, yea, yea... To that I say: Tweeting takes time. Every marketing activity can be measured. If the activity does not produce a measurable result on its own, it isn't worth the time. And I don't give a hoot of credibility to the idea of looking at the bigger picture. That argument does not hold water. If it works at all, it works as a standalone. If there is no measurable return as a stand alone, then it does not work as a component of a bigger social networking plan (let us not forget the old days of Yellow Pages where the sales people always said buying a bigger, more expensive ad will produce the results you are not getting from your current ad).

My opinion: Tweet for fun, but don't invest a significant amount of time tweeting for business.

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