Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dropbox Review

Attorney Justin Kahn offers up a concise and practical review of the Dropbox app for iPad on the iPad Notebook blog.

According to Justin:

As an iPad user, one of the things that may slow you down is a cable. You may feel like you have documents on your computer that you NEED to have on your iPad. To get them on the iPad, you think you need to sync with iTunes with the white wire.

Enter Dropbox. Dropbox is a method via software to sync folders and files via the cloud in a relatively easy way. Let’s say you have a file on your desktop you are working on and want to continue working on it at lunch via your iPad. Without a cable or emailing yourself the document, it can become complicated.

I use Dropbox, and love it. To learn more about the app please click here to read Justin's original post.

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