Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Day In The Life Of An iPad Lawyer

Josh Barrett has written a fun article about a day in his lawyer life with his iPad. For example:

3:00 p.m. Work Remotely. Rather than drive back across town to the office, I settle in for a few more hours of work at the local coffee shop (thanks, free Wi-Fi). With my headphones on and Pandora running in the background, I get a bunch of stuff done:

  • I use Documents To Go Premium to review and revise a slew of Word documents and Excel spreadsheets in their native formats.
  • An e-mail from an associate has a memorandum and supporting research in separate PDF attachments. The tabbed viewing in iAnnotate allows me to have all of them open at once and quickly switch among them. I make a few notes using the annotation tools, knowing that my marks will display perfectly in the desktop version of Acrobat. I pull up some related statutes in Fastcase and consult a relevant treatise on Westlaw via the Web.
  • I draft some correspondence in PlainText, sending it off to my assistant for formatting as I work. PlainText’s integration with the shortcuts I’ve set up in TextExpander Touch saves me many keystrokes—expanding a few characters into frequently used words, phrases, sentences or even paragraphs.
  • I use Keynote to assemble slides for an upcoming client presentation, referring to an outline I made previously in Outliner. Keynote’s output is superb and the iPad’s touch interface is a natural for this design type work. Since the iPad connects easily to a projector, the laptop will stay back at the office for this presentation.
  • An e-mail from one of my partners contains one of his famous mindmaps. I use iThoughts HD to open, edit and send it back to him.
  • I use Web tools like 37signals’ Highrise and Backpack to manage my client development and to-do items. These tools work great in the iPad version of Safari or in apps like Satchel.
Please click here to take a look at the entire article for more real world iPad tips.

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Chris said...

With Time59 (http://www.time59.com) you could also be doing your time and billing on your iPad. It's a web-based app that runs in mobile safari.

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