Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Deposition App for iPad

Okay, it is getting to be a regular thing around here: Me finding a great tech review on Ted Brooks's Court Technology and Trial Presentation Blawg. I can't help it! He writes good stuff on timely topics, and he has technical insight that I don't possess; so I must lean on him! This time around it is Ted's review of Deponent, an iPad app for preparing and taking depositions.

As Ted describes it:
The Deponent App, developed by Majority Opinion, is an iPad app designed to help legal professionals draft questions to prepare for a deposition. You can select from over 150 questions organized by category, such as Admonitions or Expert Qualifications, arrange their order of presentation, and customize the text for your witnesses. Each question can also be linked to an exhibit. You can modify the included questions and categories as well as create your own.
Ted's review goes on to fully analyze the benefits and drawbacks of the app, and gives us some screen shots to consider. Seems to me that this app has a lot of potential. Click here to read Ted's original review.

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