Thursday, January 31, 2013

Release Your iPhone's Full Potential

If you are content with your iPhone's off the shelf capabilities read no further. . .  If you have ever sensed that there is more to your iPhone, if you have ever asked yourself "can my iPhone do more?" if you have ever sensed potential being held back -- then read on.

Apple release each model iPhone (and iPad) with a certain level of functionality.  The machines can do more, but for whatever reason, Apple holds them back.  To the rescue come app writers who look behind the electronic curtain, see the potential of the devices, and help you to exploit the full power of the devise ahead of Apple's schedule.

According to Wikipedia, jaibreaking is “the process of removing the limitations on Apple devices running the iOS operating system through the use of software and hardware exploits.”

Over at the Josh Camson writes a great article on jailbreaking the iPhone.  According to Josh
When you jailbreak your phone, you use one of those exploits to modify the operating system and gain access to all of the iPhone’s core programming. We’ll discuss why you would want to do that in a bit. But rest assured that jailbroken iPhones can still access iTunes and perform all the functions of any other iPhone.
 . . .
[T]here are many jailbreak apps that make the iPhone simply easier to use. For example, SBSettings lets you quickly toggle Bluetooth, WiFi, Vibrate, and many other features on and off with a simple swipe right from the home screen. LockInfo, a personal favorite, gives your lockscreen significantly more functionality. Like its competitor IntelliScreenX, LockInfo can display recent e-mails or texts, upcoming appointments, the weather, and stock prices right on the lock screen. It is reminiscent of the Blackberry’s “Today” view, and makes it much easier to see what you have going on at a glance. BiteSMS is a great alternative to the stock text message application. By setting up a hotkey, you can compose a message while in another app, without leaving that app. You can also reply to messages without leaving the current app.
If you are a bit of a tech adventurer, a jail break might be an option.  Check out Josh's artilce by clicking here.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Documents by Readdle

Readdle is an innovative app designer.  It is also a Ukrainian company, which is kind of cool.  I love its PDF Expert app.  Another one of my long term favorites, that happens to come from Readdle, is ReaddleDocs.  Now though it has a different name.  The folks at Readdle have re-branded it is Documents, and the relaunched product is bigger and better than before.

The new Documents is a viewer app, with some of the pdf manipulation tools of its sister product PDF Expert.  Documents features a fast and reliable PDF viewing experience. It allows you to highlight, strike-out and underline text within a PDF document. A search feature will help you to find the bits you need. Documents enables you to view all common file formats, annotate PDFs and create text files. You can view: Office files, PDFs, images, videos and much more.

Documents can also play music, video and audio files using the built in Media Player. You can view pictures on it.  It allows you to get files from your computer, sync with Dropbox, iCloud, other cloud services and any source you can imagine. You crganize the files into folders for your convenience and sync those automatically with Cloud services.  You can also get files from the web and surf the internet with the built-in browser, open e-mail attachments, and drag-n-drop files via Wi-Fi

And guess what?  It's FREE.  Visit the iTunes store for a look.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Looking For A New Desktop Computer

Desktop computers are not obsolete.  They are generally cheaper than comparable laptop computers, have bigger keyboards, allow for bigger monitors, and have greater capacity.  Yes you can get a docking station, but if you are going to go to that trouble you may as well just buy a laptop and a desktop. (one of my all time favorite internet places to visit) has just posted its review of the best desktop computers.The best Windows all-in-one: Dell XPS One 27.  The best Apple all-in-one: 27″ iMac  [I definitely concur on this one!  Have one at home.  Love it!].  The best Windows CPU: Dell Inspiron 660.  The best Apple CPU: Mac mini.  The best monitor: Dell UltraSharp U2412m.  The best keyboard: Apple Keyboard.  The best mouse: Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX.

Please click here to read the entire article, and to learn more about these hardware hits!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Must Read Technology Blog For Lawyers

Nicole Black is a lawyer in New York.  She is also a legal technology guru, particularly in the areas of social media, case management, and mobile technology.  Today she is most important for her Legal iPad blog. Her blog focuses on legal technology for lawyers, with a heavy emphasis on iPads and iPad apps.  She also identifies and reviews new iPad accessories.

I read Nicole's blog religiously, and her insights and identification of lawyer technologies is invaluable.  Please click here to read the Legal iPad.  Better yet, subscribe to it so you always get the latest and greatest from Nicole.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Apple Helps With iPad Coaching

As part of iTunes, Apple has created iPad How To's.  These audio podcasts can be listened to from within iTunes.  Best of all, they are FREE!  Topics include:
1     Share 3D Model Information
2     Markup and Complete PDF Documents
3     Create Diagrams and Charts
4     Collaborate on Projects
5     Edit PowerPoint Presentations
6     Convert Handwritten Notes to Text
7     Stay Connected with Colleagues
8     Manage Project Checklists
9     Collaborate on PDFs
10     Organize and Send Invoices
11     Create the Perfect Chart
12     Clearly Communicate Ideas
13     Track and Manage Projects
14     Manage Your Construction Punch List
15     Access Your Company Contacts
16     Talking Is the New Typing
17     Securely Access Board Documents
18     Close and Manage Sales for Your Store
19     Find Meeting Times Worldwide
20     Present Business Intelligence Data
21     Track Work Hours and Expenses
22     Organize Business Assets
23     Keep Track of Business Meetings
24     Capture and Manage Data
25     View Sales Dashboards
26     Manage HR Requests
27     Work with Signed Documents
28     Manage Corporate Expenses
29     Draft Apps and Websites
30     Take Better Notes
31     Share 3D Product Models
32     Work on Excel Files
33     Host Online Meetings
34     View and Markup CAD Drawings
35     Work on Word Files
36     Create Incredible Charts
37     Manage ZIP Files
38     Import Photos
39     Manage PDFs
40     Deliver Amazing Presentations
41     Process Sales Transactions
42     Access Documents on SharePoint
43     Manage Meeting Agendas
44     Manage iOS Devices
45     Access Business Intelligence Data
46     Create and Share Diagrams
47     Access International Keyboards
48     Annotate PDFs     iPad in Business
49     Send and Receive Calendar Invites

There are also how to stories, deployment articles, and more.  If you are a podcast fan wanting to learning more about how to use your iPad, Apple has created a great resource.  Click here for a visit.

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