Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Check Out my Twitter Gadget

OK, I made the plunge. I created a twitter account. I still have no real idea what twitter is, or what it does. All I know is that everyone is talking about it (including lawyer/propeller heads). Apparently it is non-stop texting, kind of like what my adolescent kids do with all their friends via cell phone? Apparently, instead or working, I am supposed to spend all day watching the dozens of messages that pass through my account?

If you take a look at the bottom of this blog, you will see that my twittering has even evolved to the point that I have added a twitter gadget here. I am led to believe that for all those twitter fans out there this is a cool addition, that allows a summary look at my twitter world. I really would like to learn more about twitter, and how it helps lawyers. Comments, instructions, advice are enthusiastically invited!

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Karen Evans said...

I think the deal with Twitter is sort of like posting on the Solosez list, or answering LinkedIn questions -- it's another way to gain name recognition in the community of lawyers. You see it a lot on Solosez: someone makes a lot of valuable contributions, and eventually everyone is saying, "you should talk to John about that -- he's a QDRO guru." Most attorneys seem to do a combination of tweeting "new blog post" announcements, commenting on current events relative to their fields ("how is the bailout bill going to affect property settlements?", e.g.), and throwing out a few personal comments about family, weekend plans, etc. to humanize and build relationships. If you want to know more about the value of Twitter and other social networking products for your personal and professional brand, I highly recommend checking out -- this guy does a lot with making social networking tools work in your favor, rather than just take up more time. Good luck! :-)

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