Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our Technology

I am crazy for technology. It makes me a better lawyer. It makes it easier for me to practice law. It allows me to do a better job for my clients. You would be hard pressed to find a family law firm that has embraced technology to a fuller extent than Harding & Associates. Colleagues are always asking me which technologies we utilize at our law firm, so here's a sampling:

Our system set starts with the hardware. We have lots of computers. Servers, PCs, notebooks, iPads. We have super sized monitors, and multiple monitor configurations.

The stars of our technology systems are the software programs. Without the software, the hardware does no good. Our software starts with Windows. Also from Microsoft, we make extensive use of Office, including Word, Outlook, and Excel. Power Point gets occasional use.

Date books, tickler systems, rolodexes, file cabinets, paper time sheets, message slips, are all a thing of the past. We manage our entire practice electronically with Abacus Law practice management software.

Adobe Acrobat Professional is our power platform, and what drives our paperless practice. We scan our paper to .pdf format. We review ad annotate records in Acrobat. We index and Bates stamp records with Acrobat. We text search exhibits with Acrobat.

One of the ways we are innovating with new technology systems is through mindmapping. Our software in that regard is Mindjet MindManager.

For legal research we use the desktop and mobile versions of Westlaw Next, and Attorney Briefcase software.

To calculate child support and spousal support, and to analyze property division in our cases we utilize Dissomaster and Propertizer.

Drafting of settlement documents, no problem with the Lawgic software that we use.

Forms, forms, forms. You have to use them if you are going to practice family law in California. When we prepare forms we use the best forms software available: Essential Forms from Essential Publishers.

Distance is irrelevant in our practice thanks to our ability to remote, or distance, compute with GoToMyPc.

There you have the big hitters in our technology line-up. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. I'll be happy to answer them.

Oh yeah, Apps? We've got a bunch of them, but we'll save them for another post.

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Madan Ahluwalia said...

Thanks for sharing. Very useful!

jack said...

Does the OSS license contain ambiguous terms, thereby potentially placing a cloud on company's rights to use the OSS in a certain manner?
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