Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Thoughts On My New iPad

Friends and frequent visitors know that I love the iPad. I carry case files to court with it. I have all the California codes, case law, and reference materials that I need on it. I annotate pdf documents with it. I take notes on it. For me the device is a godsend. Last week I received my new iPad 2+. I have posted earlier on all the hardcore tech reviews for this latest model, so we won't go there again. Instead I will stick with the simple stuff.

First, the setup. It went like a dream. I backed my old iPad up on iTunes. Then I plugged the new one in to iTunes and did a restore. In about ten minutes it was all done, and everything worked perfectly.

Second, the retina display. This is the big marketing hero for the new iPad. Did I notice a difference? Yes, the screen is clearer. Did it take my breath away? Not really. Nice, but I am not speechless about it. I could have survived with the old screen.

Third, the speed of the machine. This new iPad has a beefier processor. The increased processor power translates into a noticeably quicker computer. Apps open faster, and run faster. A very nice improvement.

Fourth, the wireless data connection. OK, this is where I am really, really, thrilled! My first iPad had AT&T data service. As with everything AT&T it sucked. Signal strength was abysmal. 3G was never on line. Data transmission speeds reminded me of my old telephone modem. Clearly inadequate technology for road warriors.

This time around I went with the Verizon data plan. I am very impressed. I am getting 4G reception just about everywhere that I go, and that 4G is blazing fast! I don't have technical reports for you, but my simple eye test suggests that the 4G easily competes with the wi-fi for upload and download speeds. I have already made effective use of the data plan at the courthouse. Right now I have the 1GB plan that costs $20 per month. I'll let you know if that is enough, or if I have to bulk up with more GBs?

A side note here: In my opinion wi-fi alone is not enough if you want to be a truly mobile lawyer with your iPad. I use mine in court A LOT. Many of our courthouses in the San Francisco Bay Area do not provide free wi-fi. Without the data plan, I am out of luck. That data connectivity is essential to my successful mobile lawyering.

Fourth, the camera. My original iPad did not have a camera, and I did not miss it. I was not expecting to gain any real benefit from the camera in my new iPad. Lo and behold, it is proving to be a nice feature. I have used it to take fun photos. I am also starting to implement it as a document scanner. Something that I had not thought about before my purchase.

Do I love my new iPad? Yes I do. Was it expensive? Yes it was. Do I feel guilty? Absolutely not. The iPad is a business investment for me. It helps me do my job better. Plus, it is a nice toy to play with. The fact of the matter is that Apple does things right. The machine is stable and reliable. For features and service I am more than willing to pay the extra bucks. I cannot afford to buy cheap.

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Tom Kortizija said...

Great review John, though I use it in my practice as a Realtor it satisfies many of the same demands that you place upon the iPad in your law practice. I couldn't agree more about utilizing technology such as Apple's that is functional, stable and enhances my capability.

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