Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Calculating Deadlines

We have used case management software in our practice for decades. Amongst the countless benefits of the technology is the ability to calculate deadlines. For example, when discovery responses are due; the deadline to file responsive pleadings with the court; etc., etc.

Currently we are using AbacusLaw in our practice. It has its own integrated date calculator. So, as an example. When I propound a set of interrogatories: I select the case file in Abacus. I select the event from a list in the program. In this example it would be Date interrogatories mailed. When I hit enter the program inserts that event into my calendar, along with the date the service is effective, and the date that responses are due from the other side. The entries are also tagged to the particular case. This technology certainly beats the old tickler way of doing things, when you would get out a calendar, count days on your fingers and toes, and then write the dates and events into your paper calendar.

Now there is an intriguing app available for Apple products to help you calculate those dates. DocketLaw changes the game by putting accurate, rules-based, docket calculation and calendaring right within your smart phone, tablet or browser. Affordable monthly pricing and up-to-date coverage in over 300 courts in over 30 states, gives you the flexibility to purchase only the states and courts you practice in. Get started immediately without any annual contracts, IT hassles, or hidden fees.

Here is what the DocketLaw website tells us:

Checklist Rules-based deadline calculations.
Checklist Jurisdiction specific and federal holidays.
Checklist Manage your docket from anywhere.
Checklist Easy sign-up & only the courts you need.

Click here for the original DocketLaw company line.

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