Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Stand Up Desk

I have used a stand up desk for years. It gets me on my feet, keeps me moving, and makes me feel better. I like standing up while I work. I am not doing it 8 hours a day, but I do spend the majority of my time vertical rather than seated. Some would argue there are health benefits to using a stand up.

My original stand up desk was a white laminate, Ikea style fold out model that is bolted to my office wall. You can see it to the right.

With time I have learned that while functional, this model has its limitations. It is not sturdy enough for me to lean on, and not wide enough to accommodate my needs.

Those woes are now a thing of the past thanks to my new stand up desk that arrived today. She's a beauty. Solid, cherry stained oak. Brass fixtures. An inlaid leather writing stand. 5 1/2 feet wide. Sublime. Thanks to Standupdesks.com for the delivery. Plus I have named her "Jenny" after my paralegal Jennifer, which I am sure will earn me more Boss of the Year points!

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