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Thursday, October 27, 2011

DissoMaster App For iPad

Here in California we have a very long ,very complicated mathematical formula for calculating child support (which has been codified at Family Code Section 4055). To make life easier computer programs have been created to perform the child support calculation. There are three main programs: Dissomaster, SupporTax, and XSpouse (the programs can also be utilized to calculate temporary spousal support).

Thomson Reuters West, the publisher of Dissomaster, has just released a Dissomaster app for the iPad. I have not run it, but I have checked it out at the iTunes App Store. Looks OK to me, but at $49.99 the price is eye popping! Mind you these are the same folks that are charging $54.99 for their Black's Law Dictionary app. I announce these apps as a public service to my fellow lawyers, even though it is clear that the publisher is sticking it to us on the pricesPlease visit hardinglaw.com for more information of Harding & Associates Family Law


Anonymous said...

Any feedback regarding how well this works? I am working off a Macintosh in my family law practice and would love to be able to run Dissomaster without using Parallel. Heck, I can buy and ipad and this ap for the same price I could buy the desktop software. It is essentially a free ipad offer! There are only two reviews in the ipad store, so I was hoping for more detailed reviews. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Would love an update on this as well! I'm starting up a firm and trying to reduce costs and also run on a Mac and would like to avoid running parallel at all. Anyone know how well this works? Thanks!

John Harding said...

I have purchased the app. It is handy for quick calculations, but it definitely is not as robust as the desktop version. Report generation is limited, as the ability to use fixed support amounts. If I had to pick one or the other, I would pay the extra money and get the desktop version.

Brian P. said...

Thanks for the update! Ouch. As a start-up, I might opt for one of the less expensive apps until business gets going. Thanks Mr. Harding!

Sunshine Lover said...

I agree it is best used for quick calculations. Interestingly enough, I have contacted Thomson Reuters because the recent updates have not been included on the Ipad. They said the App Store handles all the updates. The next available will be April for version 2013-1. Be cautious to find out whether all the new tax law changes are included in the Ipad version.