Thursday, September 15, 2011

Windows 8 -- Already?

Apparently revenues are too far down at Microsoft. With Window 7 just starting to hit its stride, Microsoft is not starting the spin for its release of Windows 8.

My opinion: Buyer beware! The previews for 8 suggest a radical redesign from 7, which is never a good thing coming from Microsoft. Compels me to think of the company's speedy release of Vista, as a replacement for Windows XP.

As you may recall, XP was (and is) a relatively stable and useful operating system. In fact it is still in wide use. Then came Vista. An absolute piece of junk. Not properly written. Not properly tested. Definitely not ready for prime time. Fortunately M released Windows 7, and order was restored.

Now comes Windows 8. Lots of shiny, new graphics. Touch pad capability. "Revolutionary" new features. Hmmnn. Sounds a lot like Vista.... However, in the spirit of full disclosure I direct your attention to a sneak peek preview of 8 from How To You can read about all of the great stuff Microsoft is promising, like:
  • Metro Interface – the new default interface in Windows 8, keep reading for everything about this.
  • Faster Boot Times – Windows 8 will boot much faster than Windows 7, thanks to a partial hibernation mode and a lot of improvements in the loading process. On my old Dell laptop, it boots in less than 10 seconds – on new machines, it’s crazy fast.
  • Less Memory Usage than Windows 7. That’s right. Microsoft is saying that not only will this version use less RAM than Win7, it also uses less running processes.
  • Windows Explorer overhauled, now has the Ribbon UI, Revamped File Copying, and ISO mounting.
  • In-Place PC Refresh will reload Windows in just a couple of clicks, keeping your files intact.
  • ARM processors are now supported, which will lead to an entirely new class of low-power, battery-efficient tablets.
  • Hyper-V is now part of Windows – so now you can create virtual machines easily without installing anything extra.
  • Taskbar can now span multiple monitors – this very simple feature has finally made it into Windows.
  • Wallpaper can now span multiple monitors – yet another feature that should have been around 10 years ago.
  • Universal Spell Check across Metro applications.
  • Windows Live Integration for Sync, Mail, Skydrive lets you sync all your settings across your PCs, including your files, mail, and photos. The sync is available in the preview, but the Skydrive and Mail are not yet.
  • Windows Store will let you purchase Windows apps all in a single place.
  • New Task Manager is completely revamped with much better tools, including a way to disable startup applications, track application resource usage over time, and even easily restart Windows Explorer.
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