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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Amazon Tablet Coming

I am one of those folks who believes the Amazon Kindle woke people up to the convenience of the tablet platform. I bought one before I got my iPad, and my rapture with the Kindle encouraged me to spend the money on an iPad. The Kindle was forward thinking: light, easy to use, good battery life, clear (albeit black and white) screen. The technology was breathtaking.

Now Amazon is leaking the details of its forthcoming tablet -- which could assume the mantle of second best behind the iPad. The AndroidGuys blog gives us a nice sneak peek:
  • The tablet will feature a 7-inch display and will be called the “Amazon Kindle”.
  • It runs Android but there's no sign of anything Google. No Android Market, no Maps, no Gmail.
  • Form factor closely resembles the BlackBerry PlayBook.
  • This will be the first Kindle with a full-color, back-lit display.
  • Amazon is targeting the end of November for this tablet with a second, 10-inch model for Q1 or Q2 of 2012.
  • The 7-inch Kindle tablet should run $250, same price as NOOK Color.
  • The user interface is "black, dark blue, and a bunch of orange". Look at the splash screen for Amazon Kindle app and you'll see.The tablet features a number of Amazon services (Cloud Player, Kindle app, Instant Video, Amazon Appstore for Android, etc)
  • There is no camera and the device lacks physical buttons.
Click here to read the entire preview report.

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