Wednesday, September 7, 2011

GREAT Blog For Learning About Social Media

Social media: facebook, twitter, LinkedIn. It's all the rage in marketing circles. Some people get it. Most people don't. I was randomly surfing the web when I came across a fantastic blog that teaches about social media. Social Media Examiner is a commercial site, no doubt about it. It is also a visually stunning repository of invaluable learning tools on social media. I have been viewing it fastidiously, and am very impressed. There are tutorial, case studies, videos . . . .

I've read books on the stuff, I have read internet articles galore, I have stacks of magazines with articles on social media. While all valuable information, none of it is any more digestible or relevant that the information on Social Media Examiner. Check it out! And no, this is not a paid celebrity endorsement, i just think it is a great blog.

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P.S. Save the rants. I know I used all caps in the title to this post. No need to send comments explaining such typing is a faux pas. I want you to know about the SME blog. I am yelling. If the caps got your attention, mission accomplished!

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social media planner said...

I'll read article there, hope I get some tips in blogging.

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