Tuesday, September 27, 2011

iPad's Data Connection

I still love my iPad! However, my definition of love is changing with the passage of time. When I bought mine I paid the extra money for the wireless/cellular data modem. I then started paying $25 per month for an AT&T data connection. With the passage of time I have learned that neither choice was necessary.

95% of my iPad time is at the office or at home. I have wifi at both locations, and that is how I go online with my iPad. The data transmissions are fast and reliable. On those occasions when I am "on the road" I can usually find free wifi. Plus the AT&T data connection is very slow. Even on 3G the idea of file sharing is impractical. All the iPad is good for is internet surfing, and that requires patience.

In hindsight I would save the money, and go with the wifi only.

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