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Thursday, September 22, 2011

What Is Virtual Lawyering?

For at least 15 years I have been touting the benefits of telecommuting. I go back to the days of telephone modems! Logging on to the office computer and getting work done without actually being in the office. Making calls from the house, with the person on the other end assuming I am at the office. Working in my sweats. All good stuff. Of late I have been overwhelmed with chatter about the virtual law office, and virtual lawyering. It is has been a particularly hot topic in the area of family law. Is it different from what I do from home? I'm thinking not.

Jay Fleischman is a bankruptcy attorney. He is also a techie and a marketing consultant. For years he has been writing on technology in the practice of law, including what I call telecommuting. He also has a home office that he practices from most of the time (I believe the picture above is his setup). On his Legal Practice Pro blog he has a great article on working remotely, virtual lawyering, whatever you want to call it. The importance of the article is that it explains the technology option available to you.

Please click here for Jay's latest thoughts on telecommuting/home office/virtual/elawyering.

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