Wednesday, February 11, 2009

LexBlog to Host Webinars on Social Networking, Blogging, and RSS

LexBlog's announces monthly Client Webinar Series.

The topics covered in this Webinar include:

Social Networking sites

* What value do they hold for business professionals/attorneys?
* How can they be used as a business development/marketing tool?
* Which social networking sites are worthwhile, and which are lame?
* What are some etiquette tips on professional social networking?


* What is Twitter (in plain English)?
* How is Twitter being used by attorneys and other industry leaders today?
* Who are some of the "big guns" in the legal industry using Twitter, and what are some examples of how they use it?

The webinars will be hosted by LexBlog CEO Kevin O'Keefe, Client Services Director Stacey Merrick, Project Manager Rob La Gatta and Editorial Manager Lisa Kennelly.

Click here to go to the registration page. On the registration page, enter the word seattle when prompted for a password. If you cannot attend, a recording with the audio and screencast will be available after it's finished at the LexBlog Support Center.

Please be sure to visit, the website for the law firm of Harding & Associates, for more information on California family law.

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