Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Don't Dilute Your Niche In a Down Economy

A few years ago I made the jump to a niche practice, and became a family law specialist. It was scary, but ended up being the best business decision I have ever made. Now things are humming along. For others, the path may not be as shiny. The economy is down, and revenue streams are drying up. In these trying times Tom Kane provides sage advice to specialists.
It is very tempting to take whatever legal business comes over the transom in a down economy. Heck, if the firm’s normal business is slow, some lawyers might be tempted to take whatever work comes along. Wrong!

It is the worst time to start diluting your brand. Better to crank up the marketing to get more visibility in the industry or practice area you are known for. Otherwise, it will take longer and cost more to restore your niche when things start turning around.
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