Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mobile Websites the latest Snakeoil

There is always going to be the next generation... Upgraded software, HD TV, etc., etc.  In marketing and advertising we have gone from newspaper ads and Yellow Pages ads to websites and blogs. The newest bigger, better sales scare tactic in your face is The Mobile Website and The Mobile Blog.

True, more and more people are visiting websites from their mobile devices. That means smaller screens, and different formatting when compared to the big screens of our desktop PCs and laptop computers. Right behind those new small screen audiences there are the marketing opportunists ready to manipulate you into buying the latest, greatest, mobile ready websites and blogs. Don't be so paranoid, and don't be so fast to throw away your money.  All is not lost. You do not have to drop big money on a new website or blog specially designed for mobile devices.

Google, Microsoft, Firefox, WordPress, Blogger, You Tube and the smart folks that run them know where the audiences are, and they know that they have to deliver product NOW that can service those audiences.  They have already identified the trend toward mobile viewing, and they are rewriting their codes to meet that need.

You do not have to go out and spend big bucks with a web design firm claiming they can deliver a mobile ready website for you. That's just them selling you snake oil.  Check out your website on a smartphone. Chances are that it is already mobile ready. If it isn't wait a month or two. If your website or blog hosting service is viable its technology will evolve to mobile ready. If that change is not inevitable with your host, then it is more important that you find a new host. Mobile ready should be standard factory equipment, not an option and certainly not something that you should have to pay extra for.

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