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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Unhappy With Your FindLaw Website?

Are you a FindLaw website customer?  Questioning whether FL is the right website provider for you?  Well, you are not alone.

Over at Divorce Discourse our friend Lee Rosen makes the harsh criticism and asks the hard questions about websites from FindLaw.  For example:

  • FindLaw is too expensive.
  • FindLaw doesn’t generate sufficient leads.
  • FindLaw generates crappy leads from tire kickers who can’t afford us.
  • FindLaw sells to my competitors, and they outrank me.
  • FindLaw charges me for every little change to my site.
  • FindLaw is constantly trying to lock me in longer.
  • FindLaw puts its logo/links on my site.
  • FindLaw locks me into a contract I can’t easily escape.
  • FindLaw keeps offering new products that I have to buy or my competitor will buy them and get the leads.
  • FindLaw never stops asking me for more money.

Lee gives us a lot more sound advice -- in this instance about getting out from under FindLaw.  If you are a FindLaw customer, you need to read Lee's article.  Please click here.

Be reminded. There are plenty of website builders out there. Just because FindLaw markets to law firms does not mean it creates better law firm websites.  As lawyers and law firms we tend to be sheep sticking with the flock. Creativity is subordinate to custom. Think about it. When has the legal industry ever been known for its marketing innovations? That carries through to law firm websites. As lawyers who are we marketing to? Other law firms?  No, we are marketing to legal consumers. Those are the same people that drink Coke, eat at Taco Bell, shop at Best Buy. When we rebuilt our current website the last thing we did was contact a design firm that specialized in law firms.  Hell no. We went to a builder that creates commercial sites directed at the general consumer public.

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