Friday, November 18, 2011

QR Codes Are Good Marketing

Here you see three QR Codes that I utilize in my marketing program. These codes are like the scanner labels that grocery stores use to ring items up at the check stand. With reader software installed on your smart phone, you scan these codes. Depending on how the QR Code is written that scan can open the browser on your smart phone and take you to a specified website; it can bring up a text message on your device; or it can dial a phone number for you; it can open a graphic or photo. . . .

QR Codes are popping up everywhere. They appear in print magazines, in newspapers, on bill boards, on ad panels on subways and buses. If you can see it, it is likely there is a QR Code there to see. I like the technology because it shortcuts the process of getting people to your website, or to see your message. That they have taken the time to click on the code indicates that they are already engaged, and increases the likelihood that they will absorb the content that the code takes them to.

Have some fun, click on my Codes, and see what happens! In my law firm we include these codes on our letterhead, in our blog posts, in our email, etc. Next we will likely have one printed on our business cards (if we can find room on our cards, which are already jammed with content).

Here is a list of QR Code readers. You can also type "QR Code" into the App Store on iTunes for more.

If you would like to create your own QR Codes, here are some free sites for you:

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