Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bates Numbering Made Easy Acrobat 9

Bates numbering (or "Bates stamping") is an invaluable tool for lawyers. Numerical indexing of discovery documents helps keep track of volumes of documents. Bates numbering of deposition documents helps witness and examiner get on the same page, and makes for a clear record. Bates numbering on trial exhibits makes for easy identification on the record.

Adobe Acrobat has a Bates stamping tool that automates the otherwise laborious task on numbering. However, the actual process of running the tool can be challenging. To the rescue is New Orleans attorney Ernie Svenson. At his PDF For Lawyers Blog Ernie post his Bates Stamping Guide. The guide is specific to Acrobat 9, which is still the most prevalent version on the street. I suspect it won't be long before Ernie has a similar guide for Acrobat X.

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