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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Vacation iPad Wish List

The family and I just got back from a much needed vacation (we went to Hawaii). I am very fortunate that I can schedule my trips well ahead of time, and I have a great staff that can put out the fires while I am away. That doesn't mean that I allow myself to completely forget about the office. I still log in remotely to check my e-mail, or deal with the rare emergency that requires my attention. My technology of choice for this limited check in burden is my iPad. On my trip I realized I have needs.

When I log in to the office remotely I do so with my iPad's LogMeIn Ignition app. The app includes a little graphic mouse that the user utilizes. LogMeIn people, please make the mouse bigger. Expanding, or zooming, the screen does not make the LogMeIn mouse bigger. It is about half the size of my finger tip, and clicking on it cleanly is a challenge.

While laying on my lounge chair outdoors in the sun, I also realized that glare can be a problem with the iPad screen. My solution? Move under an umbrella. All fixed. But should'nt the Apple's screen engineers be able to create a glareless iPad screen

Moving on: I stayed at Sheraton hotels during my trip. Because of frequent guest privileges I got limited, free wi-fi (saved me $15 per day). There were times though when I was out of wi-fi range, and had to utilize my AT&T data connection. It is very slow. 3G was intermittent, and I found the delays quite annoying (think back to the old days of telephone dial-up). Seems to me that AT&T, Apple, or both should be able to make my $25 per month data connection work better and faster.

Don't get me wrong, the iPad works great, and is a much better alternative for me than lugging a laptop computer around. That does not mean it can't be better.


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