Thursday, June 2, 2011

In Defense of Twitter

Yes I do spend a lot of time slamming twitter and facebook, particularly when it comes to social media and marketing. There are others who swear by the validity of these technologies. One fan of twitter (whom I have a great deal of respect for) is Carolyn Elefant. She has recently written on her belief in twitter.

According to Carolyn:
Twitter has morphed from a platform for sharing status updates (what are you doing now?) to serving many other functions: a traffic-driver for blogs and other online publications, a source of current events, a way for users to make themselves indispensable to followers with interesting news tidbits and a way to keep in touch with, or joke around with friends.
For this particular article Carolyn focuses on using twitter at professional conferences. She adds:
[G]etting the most out of conferences requires advance work (finding out who will be at the conference and setting up meetings) and follow-up (sending "nice to meet you cards or emails" and keeping in touch). Moreover, if I'm able to speak at the conference, I'm likely to have more visibility and make more contacts than if I simply attend. Pre and post-conference legwork can be time consuming, while snagging a speaking engagement is a crap-shoot. But Twitter can help with all of these activities
Perhaps I am being overly critical. Please click here to read Carolyn's article, and to get a positive perspective on social media.

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