Thursday, March 31, 2011

Creativity In Law Firm Marketing

Jay Fleischman runs a nice little blog entitled Legal Practice Pro. Take a visit as there is a lot of great stuff regarding law firm management and marketing (particularly for bankruptcy lawyers, solos and small firms).

He recently posted an article on the need for creativity in law firm marketing. According to Fleischman:

Online legal marketing involves the creation of content that attracts potential clients and moves them from stranger to paying client. In order to accomplish this goal, your content needs to evoke the same reaction as a piece of art. Your message needs to make the visitor stand up and take notice, to cause the casual onlooker to stop and think twice.

How do we, as lawyers, accomplish that? By tapping our creativity and developing it. We tell stories to our readers to make a point, share tales of people who were in the same situation but have now come out the other side. In the office we build rapport by engaging in what the uninformed would call “idle chatter” but you already know is carefully constructed conversation designed to find that common bond we all seek in business and in our personal lives.

It is a good read with a valid point. Please click here to read the entire article.

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