Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Law Firms Utilizing QR Codes For Marketing

QR codes. I am sure you have seen them. Bar code like graphics that you scan with your smartphone to open up more information (such as ads, pricing, web sites, etc.).

QR codes are another way you can use technology to reach your clients and potential clients according to Donna Erickson, who posts a good article about this technology on the website for her firm, Erickson Marketing.

According to Erickson:

QR codes are read by a Smartphone equipped with a compatible code reader. A few examples of how law firms may want to use QR codes today include:

  • Open a URL to:
    • Web site
    • Video
    • Article
    • Alert or newsletter
    • Promote an event
    • New service area (e.g. practice areas or class action law suit) for target markets
  • Open a Vcard or otherwise provide contact information (saving the user time and eliminating possible errors in rekeying)
  • A message
  • Dial a number
She also suggests:

Law firms may want to print QR codes on:

  • Business cards to electronically transfer the attorney's contact information and the firm's Web site URL
  • Event invitations / materials / lanyards to direct the user to an electronic version of the material, or additional information
  • Web sites, micro sites, blogs to open a browser directly to that page
  • Printed materials, opening a browser to an online version of
    • Attorney profile
    • Practice area description
    • Directories
    • Articles, alerts, newsletters
  • Advertisements opening a browser to additional related information
Erickson also explains the process for creating QR codes. Please click here to read the entire article.

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