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Friday, March 25, 2011

One Lawyer Extols the Virtues of Google Calendar

At his The Greatest American Lawyer blog attorney Enrico Schaefer gives heart praise to Google Calendar. According to Schaefer Google Calendar:
  1. Performs all of the calendaring items that lawyers need each and every day.
  2. Group calendaring which allows me to see the schedules of other people on our team, both inside and outside the office network.
  3. Universal access to the calendar from whatever computer or device I am working on with real-time updates including all of the various computers that I work from as well as my iPhone.
  4. Reminders by pop-up, email and text message on intervals that I choose.
  5. No requirements for synchronization which requires my main computer to be networked, by various calendaring software to be running or any other limitations on real-time data.
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