Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sony's Digital Paper - A Tablet Just For Lawyers

OK, this is pretty cool.  Sony has an ultra thin, ultra big screen tablet specifically targeted for us lawyers! The Digital Paper.  It's a bit pricey at $1,100, and I haven't actually held or used one, but it sure looks awesome.  Here's what Sony has to say and show about it (be sure to click on the photos for larger, up close views):
Yellow pads, loose papers, and file folders are a thing of the past. Sony's handheld letter-size Digital Paper lets you easily and securely access files, make and upload handwritten notes and annotated documents, save the files or archive for sharing with clients, colleagues, and co-workers. Increase productivity and streamline collaboration with others via shared files that show your markings and highlights. This superlative tool is durable, portable, and easy to use, with a user-friendly screen that reflects ambient light for easy legibility both indoors and out. Digital Paper makes an ideal complement to laptops and tablets.

Pull up files from anywhere.
Read and work on new documents or archives in sharp, easy-to-read text and graphics, full letter size, so you never need to scroll to read.* Digital Paper has a 13.3" display that renders full-page letter-size (8.5" x 11") documents in PDF format.

Hand-write notes.
Use the stylus just like a pen to write fluidly and directly on the panel, as well as easily highlight and erase text.

Save, sync, and share.
Since files can be stored in a document repository, you can collaborate with colleagues who need to work on the same files or save your documents to the archives.

Take everything with you.

Digital Paper's durable frame is light and portable, replacing bulky file folders and briefcases.

In addition to PDF source files, MS Word®, PowerPoint®, and Excel® files can be converted to the PDF format, then saved, viewed, and annotated on Digital Paper. For speedy retrieval and transfer, Sony's Digital Paper incorporates wireless access to servers (via Wi-Fi), as well as USB connectivity.
Read all about it by visiting the Sony website.

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Anonymous said...

Seems like a huge waste of money. Why would you pay $1100 for this piece of garbage when you can buy an ipad for hundreds less with more storage and the exact same functionality thorough Goodreader. The scene looks like a poor man's kindle.

John Harding said...

Anon: Point well taken on the price.

What I like is the real paper size (8.5" x 11"). I find the small screen size of the iPad to be a real impediment during the frenzy and pressure of trial. I need to be able to see the whole page without scrolling, and with minimal squinting (my eyes are not what they used to be).

I also like the ability to write and annotate with the stylus, and the thin profile.

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