Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Take A Peek At This

Peek is a new calendar app for the iPhone.  I am using it, and I am liking it.  A bit of the back story.  I like the resident calendar on my iPhone just fine.  However, there are times when the small type, and my fat fingers, can be a challenge.  Scrolling through the day, and adding and deleting events can sometimes be befuddling.

I have rolled through a host of alternative calendar apps, without much luck.  Until Peek. 

I spent the $1.99 and gave it a launch.  I have been pleasantly surprised.  Peek is just what I need.  A stripped down app that delivers the basics in a bigger size and with simpler controls.  If I want to see en entire day I can.  If I want to add or delete events I give a simple swipe and then get nice big buttons to do so. 

Peek is not an overblown, bells and whistles app.  It syncs perfectly with my iPhone calendar.  No set up.  No programming.  Just click and go. That is why I like it.

 Peek is in the Apple App Store

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