Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cloud Based Practice Management Vendor Raises Prices Sky High

Clio is very nice practice management software. It was one of the earliest advocates and adopters of the cloud based platform.  Now comes reason for me to validate my preference for owning and installing certain programs on your own machines rather than hosting in the cloud.  As reported by Robert Ambrogi on his LawSite blog, Clio has raised its monthly subscription price by 47 percent, from $49 per attorney to $72 per attorney.  47%.  Wow!  That is a huge increase.  If you are a subscriber, what are you going to do?  You are going to pay it.  What else can you do?  You don't have the software resident on your computer.  You need it for your practice.  You have no options.

I, on the other hand, own my practice management software.  It is on my server.  And by comparison, the purchase price and the maintenance contract come in under the $72 per month that Clio is now charging.

There are proponents and naysayers for cloud based software, and for hosting your own.  My main point is not to to suggest one is better than the other.  My point is to get you to think before jumping on the cloud bandwagon that software vendors are selling as the greatest thing ever.

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