Sunday, February 2, 2014

New WordPress Book

If you have been to my website or my California Divorce Blawg you have seen what we do with the WordPress software.  I did not build these sites, my friend Rodney Warner at Connective Web Design did.  However, I do tinker around within the sites, and I have come to appreciate and love all that WordPress has to offer.  It is very powerful software.

If you aspire to be your on WordSmith master, the ABA's In One Hour for Lawyers library has a new offering for you.  Written by attorney Jennifer Ellis, WordPress in One Hour for Lawyers will explain how to get create your firm s website quickly and easily with WordPress software. In just one hour, you will learn to:

  • Choose a web host

  • Select and set up a domain name

  • Install and customize WordPress software

  • Create a look for your website

  • Add content, functionality, and images to your website

  • Improve your website with Search Engine Optimization techniques

  • Understand the ethics issues of legal websites

  • And much more!
Click here for more information.

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