Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Working The Room

Do you invest your valuable time going to Chamber of Commerce, Bar Association, Rotary, Trade Group, and other professional meetings?  Are you going to those meetings for the purpose of marketing your law practice, and to create new business for yourself?  If you answer these questions yes, then I have a toolkit for you with advice to make sure you are fully marketing yourself.  Sally Schmidt is President of Schmidt Marketing, Inc., which offers marketing services to law firms.  She has written a great article for the Attorney@work blog with her three golden rules for any marketing activity.

According to Sally marketing success is driven by:
1. Preparation: What is your objective — i.e., why are you doing what you’re doing? What do you hope to accomplish? How can you get ready to take ultimate advantage of the opportunity?
2. Execution: How can you implement the activity so it works to your advantage? How can you present the best possible version of yourself?
3. Follow-up: What can you do once the activity is over? With whom can you follow up? How can you leverage the activity into other things?
Her article is filled with sage advice that you should always be mindful of.  Please click here to read the whole thing.

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