Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Big Screen TV In My Office

As I wrote earlier, I have installed a 55 inch flat screen television in my office, and I have connected it to my computer.  The results have been better than anticipated.  I use the screen during meetings with my clients.  We review documents on the big screen.  I put our child/spousal support software on the big screen so the client and I can go over the numbers together.  We do the same with property division software and Excel spreadsheets.  I can go over case calendars with the client by showing those calendars on the big screen.  The big screen is great for exhibit review and trial prep by myself, and with the client.  This is compared to our previous process of swiveling my much smaller PC monitor on its stand so the client could see it; or of printing two copies of everything so the client and I could spread everything out on my desk and go over it.

The flat screen makes everything bigger and easier to view.  Being able to use my cursor makes it easier to direct attention to particular content.  It is also more economical and green than printing everything out (yes, over time I do believe there will be a carbon footprint savings).

Prices have, and will continue, to drop dramatically on large, flat screen televisions.  Heck only a few months down the road I can now get a 62" or 70" set for the same price that I paid for the 55".  That is relevant, as experience tells me that you should go with the biggest screen your budget allows.  In my office the client and I sit about ten feet away from the screen.  At that distance 55" is the minimum screen size that will allow comfortable viewing.  Any smaller or farther away and eye strain becomes an issue.

I definitely recommend such a set-up!

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Anonymous said...

Any tips/info on how you connected it to your pc? Wifi?

John Harding said...

Yes. My IT guy connected the TV to the computer with a CAT5/ethernet cable, an adapter on the TV end and a video card on the computer end.

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