Friday, October 25, 2013

How About A Pod For You. Creative Shared Office Space For Lawyers.

Office space is expensive.  Renting more space than you need is wasteful.  Establishing satellite or virtual offices can be challenging.  Being a solo working in isolation can be lonely.  A new start up in South San Francisco is trying to meet and beat all these challenges. Thirty33 Legal Suites offers each attorney their own space, they call it a Pod, in a lawyer shared environment.

What is a pod you ask?  Good question.  It is not a cubicle.  It could be considered something more, or something less?  Taking a pointer from the new entrepreneur and start-up incubators popping up all over the place, Thirty33 will rent you a desk, chair, and file cabinet in an open floor plan space.  You get your own not so private space in a larger room shared with other attorneys and their own sort of not so private spaces.  Initially that does not sound so great.  Let me show you an illustration to make it better:

In addition Thirty33 will provide its tenants with a reception area and receptionist present when conferences are scheduled to make sure that all your clients needs are met. Each Pod has a dedicated phone number and the ability to have all calls routed through reception to ensure easy and professional client interactions.  Fiberoptic internet runs to the building, providing for fast and secure internet connection for all attorneys, with wifi and cat6 cables.  There is a dedicated fax machine on the premises to receive all incoming and outgoing faxes 7 days a week 24 hours a day.  Each attorney will have access to their own secure storage that can be locked so that clients can be ensured that their information will be kept private and confidential.  Thirty33 Legal Suites comes equipped with a state of the art multifunction printer that provides color copies and scanning capabilities. Unlimited copies are included in the monthly rent.  Each attorney will be able to provide a business address for all incoming and outgoing mail during regular business hours. Each pod comes with a dedicated parking spot. In addition, clients have access to guest parking making it easy to get to and from their meetings.

Thirty33 also comes with a conference room with capacity for 8 people (use included in the monthly rent, subject to availability).

All of this comes at a price of $750 per month which does not seem all that bad to me, particularly if you are a young lawyer just starting out, or looking for opportunities to collaborate with other lawyers, and cross-refer.

This is innovative thinking and a pioneering concept in the legal profession.  I like it!  I am a bit concerned with client privacy (talking on the phone really sticks out), but not overly so.  That Thirty33 Legal Suites is dedicated to lawyers is great.  The services and amenities appear generous. If the actual product delivers on the sales hype I could see these pods really catching on.

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When do lawyers come into play at the court scene. I have been learning about all of this lately.

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