Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cleaning Up The Mess In Your Briefcase

My briefcase is my mobile office.  In the beginning, in the 1980s, the contents checklist was pretty simple:  legal pad, 3 in 1 codes book, case file, calendar book, extra pens, stack of business cards.  Eventually the list expanded, and the case grew bigger.  Laptop computer.  Power cord.  Cell phone.  Calculator.  The load got so big and bulky that I started using a small piece of luggage with wheels and a long handle.

Then it began to shrink.  Laptop was replaced by iPad.  Paper books became apps on the iPad.  The calendar became an app.  Half the time notes were taken on the iPad rather than a legal pad.  Still, little things got thrown in to create a cluttered mess.  Headset for the cell phone.  Power cord for the Apple devices.  Dongle to connect devices to projectors.  Ear buds.  Pens, pointers, and stylus.  Credit card swiper. . . .

What to do to eliminate that pregnant lump of junk?  Zip lock bags worked for a while.  Then I went with zippered nylon mesh pouches.  There was containment, but cords got tangled, and the stuff still floated around in disarray within the pouch.  Looking for solutions I did what I always do, I started surfing the web and soon enough my problem was solved.  I found the website for Cocoon, and its Grid-It products.  Essentially a board with a weave of elastic loops the Grid-It can be manipulated to hold all my stuff in place.  In sight and out of mind.  The Grit-It slips into the slimmer briefcase that I carry rather than roll.  I can find everything.  My cords are not in knots.

I am still, probably, carrying more stuff than I really need.  Then again, being truly mobile means having something when I need it.  I am getting pretty close to reaching the medium between luxury and necessity.

Click here to check out the entire Grid-It product line from Cocoon.

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Loved it !! Well that's a pretty good way to maintain things!!

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