Monday, April 29, 2013

50 Ways To Generate Leads With Social Media is a cloud based client relations manager.  They are in the business of helping sales people manage relationships to the end of increasing sales.  Sounds kind of like us lawyers managing our referral networks, huh?

Aldo Smith turned me on to an article over at the Salesforce blog that gives 50 simple tips for implementing social media.  Concepts such as building a network of strong ties, influencing connections for content sharing, utilizing social media monitoring, using social ads to generate leads, and search engine optimization are all discussed.  Written by Amanda Nelson, this article provides thoughts of food for thought regarding social media.  Please click here to read the original article.

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lawyer said...

blog is best for all lawyers

Nicole M said...

Very informative! Social media for lawyers is an aspect that I don't believe firms have fully taken advantage of.

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