Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Family Law Trial Evidence Handbook

Chicago family law lawyer Steve Peskind has a new book out.  The Family Law Trial Evidence Handbook: Rules and Procedures for Effective Advocacy is published by the American Bar Association.  Unfortunately I don't rate high enough to get a courtesy copy to review but I can assure you of this, if it is written by Steve and published by the family law section of the ABA, it is a top notch book.

As Steve explains:

I wrote this book as a true trial handbook: a quick counsel table reference for matrimonial trial lawyers. The goal of the book is "how to get it in and how to keep it out." While the book relies mainly on the Federal Rules of Evidence, many states (including Illinois) follow them closely if not exactly. 
The topics I cover in the book include:
Chapter 1    Trial Process and Procedure
Chapter 2    The Fundamentals of Evidence
Chapter 3    Relevance
Chapter 4    Evidence of Character and Habit
Chapter 5    Other Miscellaneous Relevancy Issues
Chapter 6    Hearsay
Chapter 7    Hearsay Exceptions
Chapter 8    Judicial Notice and Presumptions
Chapter 9    Authentication of Writings and Other Tangible Evidence
Chapter 10  Original Writing Rule and Rule of Completeness
Chapter 11  Competency of Witnesses
Chapter 12  Evidentiary Privileges
Chapter 13  Expert Witnesses
Chapter 14  Examination of Witnesses
Chapter 15  Tendering Exhibits, Objections, and Offers of Proof
Chapter 16  Procedures for Streamlining Admission of Evidence
Helpful information includes the procedure to admit social media, such as Facebook pages, websites and other digital evidence.

Check it out by clicking here.

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Harley Jackman said...

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David Cohen said...

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