Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why I Blog

I am an inveterate internet surfer. Every day I go online to the California Courts website to review published and unpublished opinions from California's appellate courts. I also frequently Google keywords like "divorce" and "family law" to find online content relevant to my practice. I have been doing this for years, and have amassed quite a knowledge base. However my original practice of printing out interesting websites or blog articles became unruly. I had the epiphany to start a blog to which I could post my treasure trove of case law finds, websites, blog posts, articles, etc. Thus was born the California Divorce Blawg. Now I have a paperless repository for all my finds. I reference it frequently to remember old cases I have read. I do keyword searches to recall information. It serves my original purpose wonderfully.

I am also a voracious net surfer when it comes to technology. I am always looking for the latest greatest software, gadgets, and hardware that I can incorporate into my law practice. I also surf for information and articles on law practice management, law firm marketing, etc. I figure no point reinventing the wheel if I do not have to. Free, proven information is all over the internet. Again, the problem became what to do with all the information when I found it. And again, a blog proved to be the perfect medium. This Family Law Lawyer Tech & Practice blog was born.

But there is more to it. Writing on my blogs about what I read on the internet helps me to absorb and recall the information better. I am able to process and understand the court opinions more. It makes me a better lawyer.

There is another benefit I identified from blogging. That is the promotion of my practice. Blogging gets content from me out on the web. It creates publicity for me, and draws people to my practice. I track viewer statistics for my two blogs, and I find them to be productive. Each averages about 40 to 60 viewers per day. Each is also a productive source of clicks to to my law firm website.

I also am able to share the information that I come across with others. A type of volunteer work if you will. It is very satisfying to read a comment, or receive an e-mail, thanking me for the information I post to my blogs.

Finally, blogging is fun. I get to indulge in blogging technology, I get to learn, and I get to write and teach. These are all things that I enjoy.

I was going to be investing the time and compiling the information no matter what. If I can get a plethora of other benefits by transferring that effort to my blogs, then why not? It makes perfect sense!

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