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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Securing referrals to grow your practice

Carolyn Mumby is a lawyer in Lincolnshire, UK. She also publishes a blog on lawyer marketing. She recently published an article on securing referrals. It is packed with good advice. Her tips include:
1. Establish a register for new instructions & the source
2. Ensure referrals are reciprocated
3. Organisations not offering referrals should be excluded from corporate hospitality
4. Register details should be discussed at each management meeting
5. Ensure clients who refer are rewarded or at least acknowledged
6. Make sure referrers have the firm’s literature
7. Ensure organisations who may possibly refer are aware of your full range of services.
8. Build relationships and don’t forget to ask for referrals.
There is much more in this great read. Please click here for the original post.

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