Friday, December 3, 2010

Try Out Android Before You Buy - For Tinkerers Only

Android or iPhone? How about you give Android a test drive to find out? Thanks to Richard M. "Rick" Georges, at his FutureLawyer blog, for this post. This is an interesting idea. Suppose you want to know what all the Android fuss is about; but, you don't want to buy a new smart phone and find that you don't like it. What to do? This company has created a downloadable virtual Android machine that you can load on your Windows desktop. The version isn't Froyo, (it runs as Android 2.1.1), and you can't download stuff from the Android Market, but there are plenty of sites available to download and try the Android versions of many apps. If you like it, you are now familiar with the OS, and can focus your buying decision on the phone's form factor, or manufacturer, or wireless provider. For example, I am a Verizon Wireless Droid and Droid X user. I also have an HTC Incredible on Big Red. However, there are dozens of Android choices out there, and the Android tablets are finally here. This is Alpha software, so don't expect a finished product. However, it will give you a real look and feel at what Android is about.

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