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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dialer One (Android) - Lawyer Time Saver

From Rick Georges at the FutureLawyer blog we learn about a time saving contact finder/dialer for Android users.

Dialer One (Android). Dialerone We lawyers spend a lot of time on the phone. We also spend a lot of time mobile. Put those together, and the actual phone functions of the smart phone become the most important part of our mobile computing experience. So, if you use the mobile phone app that comes with your Android phone, you are constantly annoyed by the hoops you have to go through to find a particular contact. First, you have to click the phone icon. Then, you have to click or say Search. Then, you have to start typing the characters that begin the first or last name. Or, you have to start scrolling with A, and, sometime later, much later, you will get to Joe Zanzibar. Ugh. Well, another Russian programmer has come to the rescue, with a T9 clone called Dialer One. It puts your most common contacts on screen, and includes a phone style keyboard, with letters on the keys. Just start tapping keys with the letters you need. You know the drill. 3 taps on the 1 key for a C, and so forth. Now, you will spend a lot less time looking for that contact number.

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