Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dell Catching The IPad Wave

For years I have carried a tablet computer running the Windows operating system. Some worked horribly (Motion Computing). Some worked better (Fujitsu). None worked great. All had deficiencies. The Windows operating system, that is always a problem. Out of necessity we all learn to work around that. The other complaint I have is the weight of tablets. To this point and time they have carried the same bulk and weight of any typical laptop computer.

Thanks to the IPad, and the Kindle before it, those bulk issues are changing. Tablet PCs are now carrying the label "slate" computers, and Dell is jumping on board the IPad craze with a slate machine. Dubbed the Streak, it can be taken as a IPad clone in design. It would act and do much the same as the IPad. As with the IPad, it will also connect to the web via service provided by AT&T -- a big bummer in my opinion.

Slates will have great application for lawyers. I am going to wait a year or two for the technology to mature, but I will definitely be on board. The ability to carry a light, thin, robust mobile platform has repeated application for lawyers. Remote access to the office. An entire pdf copy of a client file on board. Taking notes on an electronic pad. Carrying our research library with you. Invaluable stuff. I am doing it already, and loving it. I look forward to doing with much lighter!

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