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Blog Marketing

Is running a blog worth the time? According to Grant Griffiths it is! Grant publishes Blog For Profit. He has recently posted an article supporting blogs as valuable marketing tools.
Marketing With a Blog Generates 67% More Leads For Your Business

One of the topics we discuss here on Blog For Profit in almost every post we do is, how blogging can help a business gain leads and make money. We don’t talk about monetizing and getting rich quick with your blog. We discuss using a blog and social media to market and promote your business.

Here are some of the questions and concerns I get in response:

  • For some, seeing a return on investment (ROI) on their blogging efforts has been a concern.
  • Many of the new business bloggers I talk to wonder if all this work we tell them to do and tell them to expect to do is paying off.
  • They wonder if posting as often as we tell them to is really going to get them results in the search engines.
  • And more important, is all this posting going to generate them business leads.
  • They also ask, will posting so much, adding new, relevant and great content to their blogs truly convert to more leads and money in their pocket.

Recently, HubSpot released the results of a study they have been doing called The State of Inbound Lead Generation.

The study was significant in the fact they looked at 1,400 firms. And the study showed a clear positive relationship between pages indexed by Google and the leads a company generated. Basically, in a nutshell, companies with more indexed pages tend to generate more leads.

To show you what they found, below is a graph which shows an incremental 50 to 100 indexed pages brings double-digit lead growth. Growth in leads accelerates significantly once sites achieve several hundred pages indexed in Google (300+)

inbound_marketing_best_practices.pdf (page 4 of 12)-2.jpg

We could stop right here and our position that you need to be adding content to the web on a daily basis is supported 100%. Based on this graph alone, you can clearly see that businesses which have more pages online see a significant number of leads. And they see a significant advantage over those businesses who have fewer pages online available for Google to index.

Size of the business not a critical factor either

The one argument I know some of you are considering is that larger businesses will, by their very nature have more pages for Google to index. If we lived in a world where the only alternative for a web presence was a huge “static” website with hundreds of pages. If we lived in a world where the only way to get huge number of pages online was to have a giant marketing budget like big businesses, then size would matter. But, the good news is, the size of the business doesn’t and shouldn’t matter at all on the number of pages you can have indexed by Google.

What HubSpot found in their study was that “size is not a critical factor of achieving a significant volume of Google indexed pages”. See the graph below:

inbound_marketing_best_practices.pdf (page 5 of 12).jpg

What can you do to grow your indexed page numbers?

The one key technique that one can take away from this study is you need to build page volume. And one of the best ways for any size business, especially smaller businesses to do this is to start a blog and post to it on a consistent, regular basis.

HubSpot’s study showed a direct relationship between leads generated to using a blog to market and promote your business. Of the businesses in the study, 66% of them had a blog. When they compared the median leads of those businesses with a blog to those without, the study found 67% more leads were generated by the blogging businesses.

inbound_marketing_best_practices.pdf (page 7 of 12).jpg

And if you are still not convinced that you and your business should be blogging, consider the next graph and the size of the blog. In other words the number of blog articles or post.

inbound_marketing_best_practices.pdf (page 8 of 12).jpg

What this chart shows is that leads start to grow once 24-51 articles are written and placed on the blog. And look at the leads generated when a blog has 52+ post on it versus a blog with 24 to 51 post. The higher post count showed 77% higher lead generation than the lower post count. This is a clear indication of two things. One, blogging works to generate leads. And two, the more relevant, great content you post and the more post you have, the more you are indexed by Google and the more leads you will get.

What can a blog do for you?

  • Adding pages/posts to a blog can be done easier and faster on a blog than you can do on a “static” website
  • As a business, you can create your own unique, target specific content. And you can add those keywords you need to be found too.
  • Other bloggers will link to you in their own relevant post which will show Google you have authority in your particular niche or market.
  • Posting to a blog on a regular, consistent basis gives visitors a reason to come back and interact with you and your business.
  • Blogging gives you the tools you need to gain visitors, then readers, then subscribers and build trust with these people and later grow your business.

Over the next week or so, we will be making some announcements about a new program we will be offering to businesses, no matter what size or type of business you are. The program is called Start Blogging Today. Below you will find a sign up where all we ask for is your email address. When you sign up to receive more information about Start Blogging Today, we will give you our free report on blogging for your business. In it, you will find more of the whys and hows of blogging to generate business for your business.

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