Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thank You Wal Mart

I needed a new computer for the house. Something that would control our home network, allow me to log in to the office via, and maybe do some other light computing like word processing and browsing the internet. I checked the ads for the electronics specialty stores and saw advertised prices of $699, $799, and higher. More than I wanted to pay. I checked the famous on-line vendors. Modest laptops started in the mid $400s, but by the time you added minimal software, shipping, etc., prices approached $1000. Again, more than I wanted to pay. I called my local Wal Mart and asked if they carried computers (honestly I did not know if they did)?. I got a "yes," so I headed over to the store.

In the electronics department I found an entire aisle of desktop PCs and notebook computers. Not a user friendly display. None of the demo machines were turned on, and inventories were low. However, I find a heck of a bargain. I bought my self an Acer Aspire 5515 notebook. AMD Athlon processor that works just fine; 15" color screen; 3 GB of RAM; 160 GB hard drive; read-write DVD; wireless LAN. Actually more horsepower than I needed.

Now comes the really good news! The price? $349! Yes, $349! Two, three years ago I would have been looking at more than a Grand. Even with California Sales tax and environmental fees I was out the door for less than $400!

Got home, fired my new baby up, and have been happily computing ever since. Quickly installed the home network, and now I am computing away. Downloaded a free copy of OpenOffice should I need to do any word processing, spreadsheets, etc.

Thanks for the bargain Wal Mart.

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