Monday, March 2, 2009

Marketing Is An Investment

This statement is proof positive,is it not, that most lawyers and law firms are bad, bad, bad at investing. Most open their doors, take out a yellow book ad or something, and bemoan the bad times. They are not out pounding, pounding, pounding the pavement, making contact, getting in front of people, and generally making themselves known.

First, most lawyers and law firm are looking during these hard times to cut back on their marketing expenses. Second, most assume that marketing takes a lot of money. Both concepts means they just do not get it.Chart You should take advantage of this fact....

Whether it is time or money, however, it is in times like these that lawyers and law firms need to increase their marketing. This investment will pay off dearly in the future, especially after the economy recovers.

Let us face facts. Especially in the area of networking or relationship marketing, it is sometimes hard to pry referral sources away from those they have been use to helping out with their referrals. Economic downturns tend to turn these relationships on their heads. It is hard to break these relationships during good time when everyone is fat and sassy. When everyone is having a bad time that attorney someone or some company refers to is just not that good, or just not that dependable, or just not that reliable, or there just needs to be change. . . .

Remember, marketing is the process of accretion. It works gradually to buildup growth. So, the more consistently you invest time and/or money, the better will be your long-term return.

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