Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Lawyer Love For Adobe Acrobat!

Yes I do love the folks at Adobe. Why? Because they love lawyers. They even have a blog for us called Acrobat for Legal Professionals. They are also mind readers! Case in point: I have written of the value of tablet PCs. I have written of the value of Acrobat Professional. I have written of the value of an Acrobat plug-in called Auto-Ink so that you can use your tablet pen to make handwritten annotations in Acrobat on your tablet. Shazam! What does Adobe do? They publish an on-line instructional video (targeted directly at lawyers!) showing how to use Auto-Ink with Acrobat on your tablet pc!!!!

I have watched the video. I have learned from the video. THIS IS GREAT STUFF! Thank you Adobe. Here's my love right back at you! Click here so that you can watch the instructional video and feel the love.

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