Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Consider OpenOffice as an alternative to Microsoft Office

I hate Microsoft! Its software sucks. It's expensive, it's buggy, its unreliable. Support? What support? Unfortunately the company is the 800 pound gorilla that I cannot escape from. Don't let yourself become an automatic victim There is a alternative. On his Futurelawyer blog Rick Georges reminds me of OpenOffice, a free suite of office productivity software that replaces Microsoft Office. Here's Rick's thoughts:
The Frugal Lawyer - OpenOffice Is a Microsoft Office Killer
Listen to this article.

New Features in 3.1, an Early Look - Ninja.

I have an old copy of Office XP, that came with a Dell computer I purchased years ago. I have been using OpenOffice, a free, open source Office clone, for several years. It has gotten better and better, as more in the open source community have used and improved it. The new Alpha version makes even more improvements; and, it deserves a download. While I still use WordPerfect for most law office functions, I must occasionally defer to those of you who are using Microsoft Office, and email documents in that format. Why are you, and your law firm, paying hundreds of dollars per seat in licensing fees to Microsoft? I have a feeling that the watchword in the next decade will be frugality. Whether you are frugal out of necessity or patriotic fervor, you owe it to yourself to take a hard look at open source software that gets the job done. OpenOffice is the place to start.
I should have remembered OpenOffice! I have it installed on my tablet (and I don't have Microsoft Office installed on my tablet.) It really is good software! And it is free! Now if I could only find a replacement for Outlook!

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Anonymous said...

Replacement for Outlook? Thunderbird with Lightning add-on from the Mozilla people, of course. Been using it for over a year. No problems.

Shalini said...

I've heard reports that the corporate version of gmail works pretty well

Leave Management Software said...

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