Friday, May 29, 2015

Very Impressive iPad Trial App

TabLit Applications has relesed its TabLit: Trial Notebook app for the iPad.  I must admit, from what I have seen it looks pretty darn good. Full disclosure, since I am no longer using an iPad in court I have not purchased the app (particularly with a $90 price point). But reviews from actual users are positive and see no reason to misconstrue the product representations.  For example, the app hass:

  • Multiple levels of customizable tabs for full trial organization.
  • Pop-up windows for case notes, witness information all at your fingertips.
  • Examination outlines in true outline format, Q&A format and more...
  • Evidence checklist with witness cross-reference to examination outlines.
  • Evidentiary issue cross-reference to arguments and rules of evidence.
  • Evidence repository with photo interface for documentary and physical evidence.
  • Examination outlines
  • Examination checklists
  • Contacts list

Heck, I wish this app was available for the MacBook Pro that I do take to court. Take a look at these screen shots.

Want to learn more, please click here.

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John Mclaughlin said...

Being able to have a technology work with your instead of against you seems like a huge perk for family lawyers. I really like the tab feature that is available, and how it can help someone who is having a hard time with organization. Hopefully this will end up being a huge perk for those who are getting their practice started or have been in the field for years. Thank you for sharing.

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