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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tablet Sales Waaayyyy Down

As reported by USA Today tablet sales are way down, including the iPad.  According to the report: "Fourth quarter and year end tablet shipment figures . . . show that growth has nearly evaporated for the iPad, the iPad mini, and competing Samsung and others."

Let me say that I have always been a huge fan of the tablet platform. I was carrying a Motion Computing slate computer  (as they were called then) more than a decade ago. I have been singing the praises of tablets, and especially the iPad, for years. I still use my iPad frequently. However, I understand why sales are down. My iPad has never fully replaced my Mac Book Pro as my go to road warrior machine.  And now that I have an iPhone 6 Plus I can do everything on my phone that I can do on my iPad. Those are the same causes for the downturn highlighted in the USA Today article.

Are tablets going to disappear anytime soon?  I don't think so. Sales are flat but not gone. And there are millions of units out there. Apps will still proliferate, they are simply going to be written cross-platform for smartphones and tablets.

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