Thursday, July 10, 2014

Marketing Automation

As a group we lawyers are growing into the idea of social marketing. LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, blogging are all options that we are dabbling in. Some of us check in everyday.  Others go months at a time with no interactions.  What should we be doing?

The first step is planning.  The second step is implementation. The combined exercise is called marketing automation.  You can do it yourself, or you can let others do it for you.

There are technologies and companies that will do the work for you. Custom software solutions exist, as well as entire companies created to step into your marketing shoes for you. There are writers that will create content, and technologies that will disseminate your marketing across the many platforms that exist.

Wendy Coombes is a marketing consultant with an expertise in technology.  According to Wendy, if you are to successfully employ technology based marketing  in this day and age you must cast a wide net, and you must plan, plan, plan.  When done properly marketing technology enables business to execute campaigns, automate processes, and measure their impact. Over at Duct Tape Marketing Wendy posts a great article on her methods for marketing automation. Click here to read Wendy's original article.

As for letting someone else do the work for you, there are all kinds of pay-to-play providers ready and willing to go to work for you.

The 20 Most Popular Marketing Automation Software Solutions
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Admittedly some of these solutions may be a bit too grandiose, and too expensive, for the average family law law firm.  There are more modest alternatives.

If you want to do something as simple as creating a blog, you can pay others to do that for you.  Lex Blog will be happy to do ALL of the work for you.  Alternatively there are hundred (nay thousands) of independent writers out there will to provide their services for hire.  Check out BlogMutt, Blur Group, or oDesk.

Then again, you can do it yourself (I do!).  As Wendy advises, make sure you have a plan.

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Nice post, Of course all law firm lawyers are marketing their services via social media. It easily reaches our lawyers marketing

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